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Introducing NanoLipo,™ a new gold nanoparticle technology to radically improve the Liposuction/Body Sculpting market. 


eLux, together with engineers from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and the top US doctors in cosmetic fat removal and skin tightening, is developing a new, patented technology for both surgical liposuction and minimally invasive body sculpting. The technology, which uses gold nanoparticles and a laser, is expected to disrupt the market and allows:


  • Double the amount of fat removed

  • Half the procedure time

  • More aesthetically pleasing results

  • Less post-operative bruising & discomfort

Current limitations of liposuction

Although liposuction is the most performed aesthetic surgical procedure worldwide, it has the lowest patient satisfaction of all cosmetic surgeries because of medical complications and displeasing aesthetic results. Preclinical studies at UCSD of our patented system show superior clinical, aesthetic and economic benefits for both patients and physicians. Importantly, the FDA classified our system, of injecting gold nanoparticles and applying widely available topical lasers, as a device rather than a drug, thus reducing regulatory risks.


Our FDA status

The Company has met with the FDA to discuss tests required prior to clinical trials and proposed protocols for the Phase I Clinical Trial. The FDA classified our system of injecting gold nanoparticles and applying widely available topical lasers as a medical device, not a drug, thus reducing regulatory risk. They also suggested that final assessment of results be made just 30 days after liposuction, thus reducing the time necessary to complete clinical trials. We hope to complete our Phase I Clinical Trial in the first half of 2021. As a device we face only two clinical trials; we hope to conduct the Phase II trial in late 2021.


Our Progress to Market:

  • We have completed ex-vivo trials on human tissue

  • We have completed liposuction trials on pigs

  • We have completed toxicity and bio-compatibility trials on animals

  • We are preparing for Phase 1 clinical trials on humans

  • The laser is already FDA approved

  • The chemicals in the solution (other than the gold nanoparticles) are already FDA approved


The liposuction market and competition

eLux is a disruptive new technology in cosmetic fat removal. Thirty years ago, the introduction of disruptive liposuction tumescent solution doubled the market and propelled liposuction to the most frequently performed cosmetic surgical procedure. No other injectable solution to assist in liposuction has been introduced since. In the U.S. alone, the current annual market for liposuction procedures is over $1 billion (not including non-invasive fat removal technologies). And although energy assisted liposuction (EAL) equipment (such as laser (LAL), ultrasound (UAL), and radiofrequency (RFAL) have been developed, they only attract a quarter of the liposuction market and do not drive growth in the procedure. That is because these devices are expensive, slow, and do not facilitate the removal of more fat. Yet, there exists a strong latent demand for a less traumatic, more efficient liposuction technology as evidenced by the fact that more than half of prospective patients who schedule and pay for a physician consultation on liposuction, decline to proceed with the procedure. NanoLipo is anticipated to propel demand for liposuction as much as, if not more than, the original introduction of tumescent injectable solutions more than 30 years ago.


Given that there are no capital investment barriers to the adoption of NanoLipo™ by physicians (most already use the laser for hair removal), and its superior preclinical results, we expect NanoLipo™ to be a disruptive technology to aesthetic plastic surgery.

Watch our founder, Adah Almutairi, explain this amazing technology

Adah Almutairi is Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry; affiliate faculty in the departments of Bioengineering and NanoEngineering; and Director of the Center of Excellence in Nanomedicine and Engineering. Prof. Almutairi has eight issued or pending patents, several of which have been licensed and one of which is being developed by the company she founded, eLux Medical. Her lab’s research has been recognized by Chemical & Engineering News and Materials Today, among other scientific media outlets, and her innovation has been acknowledged through Young Investigator Awards from ACS’s Division of Polymeric Materials (PMSE, 2014) and from the World Biomaterials Congress (2012). She completed her PhD in Materials Chemistry at UC Riverside and came to UC San Diego in 2008 from UC Berkeley, where she worked with Professor Jean Fréchet to develop several nanoprobes for in vivo imaging.

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At eLux, we believe there exists a strong latent demand for improved outcomes for both surgical liposuction patients and minimally invasive fat removal patients. And we believe our superior technology will improve outcomes and propel demand for both.